Who Are the 2014 Rangers

by Charles Parker on April 17, 2014

major league Who Are the 2014 RangersI assume everyone has seen the movie Major League and the many memorable lines.  Every time I think of the 2014 version of the Rangers, I think of the line that says, “Who are these freaking guys”.  I took the liberty of editing that line for posterity and censors.

Seriously, who are these Rangers?  What is there identity going to be?  This is a team filled with some so-called “has been’s, and never will be’s”, yet another great line.  Kouzmanoff, had a couple of decent seasons with the Padres 5 or 6 years ago.  He comes in lights it up in spring training, misses the roster because of the injury to Profar, and is back because of the injury to Beltre.  He is arguably the best hitter on the team right now, and yet he did not rank in the top 25 guys to start the season.

Just look at this roster, and there is unless I miscounted five players left on the roster from the last trip to the World Series.  This is not that team, and nobody should be deceived by past results.  It is like investing in a mutual fund and you hear a broker say, “Past results are not guarantee of the future”.  That is never truer than with this bunch.  Everyone started the year thinking with all the injuries to pitching that was the problem area.  Management claimed this would be a much better hitting ballclub because of Fielder and Choo additions.  The fact is that the bullpen the supposed strength is probably not because those guys are now starters, and it is time to face facts that this team is completely different without Beltre in the lineup.  To make matter more confusing is that the team is tied for #2 in all of MLB in fielding errors, and the hitting is inconsistent at best.

As I run down a few other numbers #28 in homeruns, #22 in runs scored, #11 in on base percentage, #5 in GIDP, #16 in ERA, #20 in opponents batting average, and #1 in shutouts, also #1 in defensive double plays.

That is the most confusing stats I have seen in a long time, as we are near the bottom in some categories and near the top in others.  I think that is logical considering that there are so many injuries to the team.  I also think it is logical because of the catcher position.  The Ranger organization has undervalued catchers in my view for a long time.  All the great teams throughout baseball history had outstanding catchers.  Those guys know the way each pitcher works, they know the opposing hitters, and know when to ask a player, “how is your wife and my kids”, another great line from Major League.  Jake Taylor was the leader of the movie team; Kevin Costner played a catcher in Bull Durham.  A great catcher makes all the difference in the pitching staff and because they know pitchers many are pretty good hitters.

My prediction is that unless the Rangers make a big trade for a catcher, (not going to happen), or the guys there now develop very quickly, the weird numbers will continue unless Soto returns fully healthy soon.  I discount the return soon, because a catcher with a bad knee is going to have trouble returning quickly.

I am not expecting the cavalry to come riding in anytime soon, and until then Washington is just going to have to use the best 25 guys he can find.  He is going to have to get out of his comfort zone and use some guys like he never has before.  Speaking of using guys differently, just how long do you leave a big old Prince hitting in the 4-spot hitting so far below the Mendoza line, he makes Mendoza look good!  He needs to be hitting like #7 or 8.

In the meantime, we all need to ask, just who the 2014 Texas Rangers are!

Go Rangers!


The Daily Five for April 17, 2014

by Ben Dieter on April 17, 2014

20131109 102932 The Daily Five for April 17, 2014These days the Texas Rangers seem to have a flare for dramatic wins at home. They like to wait until the last possible minute to score runs, even when ace Yu Darvish is on the mound. This time the win was off of the bat of Leonys Martin. Even with all that, it has still been a fun, albeit frustrating season of Texas Rangers baseball so far. I look forward to seeing the Texas Rangers win in regular style today, but I am not going to hold my breath and believe that it is actually going to happen! Here are the links for today.

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The Texas Rangers play Seattle today at 1:05 Texas time, and this time it will be back on a channel that everyone can watch! I am not a huge hockey fan, but I do understand that the Stars are in the playoffs, but it was still a little frustrating! Anyway, enjoy today’s game everybody and don’t forget it is early! Lets Go Rangers!!


The Daily Five for April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014

Yesterday was Jackie Robinson Day, a day we remember one of the greats and the man who broke the color barrier in baseball. It is truly a great day in baseball, and all of baseball celebrates by wearing his number, number 42. Prince Fielder decided to celebrate by hitting his first home-run in a Texas […]

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The Daily Five for April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014

The Texas Rangers had a good start from Colby Lewis last night, but it wasn’t near enough with the lackluster offense they have been putting out on the field lately. J.P. Arencibia is looking like he was a really bad idea right now, and so is Prince Fielder. Pedro Figueroa has been a disaster (8.44 […]

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The Return of Colby Lewis

April 14, 2014

As the Texas Rangers prepare for the Seattle Mariners tonight, they do so with a pitcher that has not seen action at the major league level since July of 2012: Colby Lewis. Although I don’t expect him to be exactly the same pitcher he was before all his surgeries, just the fact that he made […]

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