Texas Rangers in Talks with Colby Lewis

by Ben Dieter on October 30, 2014

colby 300x228 Texas Rangers in Talks with Colby LewisThe Texas Rangers have contacted Colby Lewis and his agent today according to T.R. Sullivan of TexasRangers.com


Colby Lewis is the winningest post season pitcher in Texas Rangers history, and I for one am glad that the Texas Rangers are talking with him. I kind of hope that he is re signed as the number 5 starter for the young guys the Rangers will be throwing out there in 2015.


Colby Lewis finished the season strong, according the Even Grant of the Dallas Morning News. He had an ERA of 3.97 over his last 10 starts. Lewis will be a great veteran presence for the young pitchers on the Texas Rangers staff. I expect him to accept the offer, since he has stated that he has a desire to return to the Texas Rangers for the 2015 season. Colby Lewis defied all odds by being the firsts pitcher ever to come back for the type of hip surgery he had.


I think it is a  great thing that Colby Lewis and the Texas Rangers are trying to work out a deal. What do you guys think? Do you want Colby Lewis back? Let me know! Go Rangers!


Texas Rangers Off Season Review: The Infield

by Ben Dieter on October 20, 2014

Adrian+Beltre+Elvis+Andrus+k P p2NQUOXm 300x200 Texas Rangers Off Season Review: The InfieldAdrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus were the glue that held a ever changing infield together for the Texas Rangers in 2014. Beltre had another stellar season both at the plate and on the field while Elvis struggled at the plate early but wound up turning in a pretty decent season overall. The Rangers also have a third baseman in waiting behind Beltre in Joey Gallo, but it will still be a year plus before he is ready to play everyday in the majors.


The rest of the infield for the Texas Rangers in 2014 was in flux for the first half of the season. First base was a disaster, and the Texas Rangers, after the Prince Fielder and Mitch Moreland injuries, had to rotate in and out all kind of players that had either never played the position before or that were not what they once were. J.P. Arencibia, Carlos Pena, Donnie Murphy, Adam Rosales, Mike Carp, Brad Snyder, Jim Aducci, just to name a few. The Rangers signed Prince Fielder to be that power hitting first baseman that they needed, but it just didn’t work out in 2014. The Texas Rangers have to be concerned going forward that Prince may not be the same player that he was in Milwaukee or in Detroit, so they should probably keep Mitch Moreland on the roster just in case. Technically though, first base should be covered going forward.


Second was much of the same for a while, with Josh Wilson, Donnie Murphy, Luis Sardinas, Adam Rosales, and Rougned Odor. Odor made himself the everyday second baseman about mid way through the season and proved that he belongs in the bigs. The Texas Rangers also have Jurickson Profar waiting in the wings, but I think his time as the chosen one may be at an end. Rougned Odor is going to be the Texas Rangers second baseman going forward unless something drastic changes that. He earned it, and I think he will get it. The Texas Rangers will still need a good utility infielder, though, and I am not sure who that is going to be. It may be Sardinas, it may not. We will have to wait and see how Jeff Banister and Jon Daniels puts this team together going forward.


So that is a look at the Texas Rangers infield. We will see how things work out and we will all hope that the injury bug that bit the Rangers so hard in 2014 will go away and bother another team next season.


Rangers Higher Jeff Banister as the next Skipper

October 16, 2014

Jeff Banister spent the last 29 years of his life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was the Pirates bench coach for the last 5 years. Now, he is leaving Pittsburgh to come to Arlington, Texas to be the Rangers next manager. He was one of three that were left yesterday, and news broke yesterday that Tim […]

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Tim Bogar No Longer the Front Runner?

October 16, 2014

Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News is reporting that Rangers interim manager Tim Bogar is no longer the front runner for the Texas Rangers open managerial position, but that he has been passed up by both Kevin Cash and Jeff Banister. “Jeff Banister and Kevin Cash look like frontrunners in a surprising turn of […]

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Texas Rangers Off Season Review: The Outfield

October 15, 2014

The Texas Rangers outfield went through a lot of changes in 2014. The only consistent for the entire season was Leonys Martin. Around Martin in center field, the Texas Rangers used a plethora of players. Michael Choice, Daniel Robertson, Alex Rios, Jake Smolinski, Jim Aducci, Shin-Soo Choo, and even Mitch Moreland. That is going to […]

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