Baseball Luck

by Ben Dieter on May 27, 2017

Do you believe in it? I know a whole lot of people that joke that they are the reason their team either wins or loses a game. I’ve done it. Saturday I put a poll on Twitter asking fans if they would take the over/under on Dyson giving up five runs. Dyson had a 1-2-3 inning and I imeadeatly took credit for his stellar outing, since my hope was that he would succed and prove me wrong. 

More than any other sport, baseball fans like to believe we can effect the game by doing certain things. Rally caps. Wearing a certain shirt, socks, or even underwear. We think these things can help our team win. It seems crazy to a non-baseball fan, but we believe. 

I can remember standing in my living room during game six, wearing the same shirt I had in every game during the 2010 ALCS. When Nadel called “strike three called, the Rangers sre going to the World Series!!!!” I couldn’t help but think that I had a little to do with the series win for my consistancy. 

Do we really believe that we, the fans, can really change the outcome of a profesional baseball game simply by wearing or doing a certain thing? That’s for each individual fan to decide. Only we know if we really believe that we can. I’ll tell you one thing, whether I believe it or not, I will continue to do it!


Dr. Texas Mr. Ranger

by Ben Dieter on May 23, 2017

I would like to start off by saying thank you to all the families that have lost loved ones defending this country. On this memorial day, we should always take time to remember the sacrifice that some wives, husbands, mothers, and children must deal with every day. There is no way to repay you for you family members sacrifice. God bless you all and may he comfort you. 

One way to describe the 2017 Texas Rangers would be bi-polar. This team was really bad through the first four weeks of the season or so. Then the team was the hottest in baseball. The Astros are cooling off slightly at the moment, but they have built quite a lead. So which team is the real Texas Rangers?

I submit to you that it is the team we are currently seeing. The Ranger are going to get Adrian Beltre, Cole Hamels, Tyson Ross and Carlos Gomez  back. I would not be a seller come trade deadline, and I am not sure I would buy either. Young talent is one of the things that this team has going for them.

It sure has been a fun ride so far in 2017. The starting pitching has been great, even without the afore mentioned Hamels. Now the Rangers have also lost AJ Griffin to injury. It will be interesting to see if they can continue getting so many quality starts with so many starters injured. 

With all that being said, I am not sure that this team will make the post season in 2017. There are too many good teams in the American League right now. As of today, there are 5 teams ahead of the Rangers in the wild card race. Three of them are in the AL East. The Rangers are going to have to really start winning a whole lot of games to get in a position to make a run. 

The team can do it, but will they? I guess it depends on who shows up, Dr. Texas or Mr. Ranger.


Rangers Seven

May 17, 2017

In the last seven to ten days, the Rangers have lost Cole Hamels and Carlos Gomez to injury. Both of those things should be huge blows to the organization, but somehow the Rangers have managed to win seven in a row. They have had come from behind wins as well as just plain old wins. […]

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The Mendoza Line

May 10, 2017

The Mendoza Line is a term referenced in baseball due to the poor hitting performance of Mario Mendoza. He played for the Pirates, and Mariners from 1974-1979, before becoming a Texas Ranger where his career ended in 1982. Mendoza had a career batting average of .215, but during many seasons his average consistently fluctuated around […]

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Cole Hamels to the DL

May 3, 2017

Texas Rangers starting pitcher missed his start Tuesday night in Houston. Whenever I hear that I begin to worry about a trip to the disabled list. Well guess what? Cole Hamels is now on the disabled list.  The oblique strain sounds like it’s not serious. Neither did Adrian Beltre’s quad. And we know where that […]

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