Two Goals Down for Rangers

by Ben Dieter on October 1, 2016

The Texas Rangers had goals going into the 2016 season. The ultimate goal, of course, is still to win it all. There are, however, goals that must be met to make it to the Fall Classic. 
The Rangers accomplished the first of those goals last weekend when they clinched the West for the fourth time in the last seven years. Friday night in Arlington, they completed a second goal; obtain home field advantage for the entire post season, since the American League won the All-Star game. 

The Rangers are no where close to finished. They have three major goals left:

1. Win the ALDS.

2. Win the ALCS.

3. Win the World Series for the first time in franchise history. 

Other things that would be nice to see for me would be play the Blue Jays and knock them out in 3 games. Also, I would enjoy seeing the Rangers win without having to come from behind. 

A completely dominate Cole Hamels and Yu Darvish would be nice as well. They both looked good in their final warm ups. A bull pen that is shut down would also be great. 

With the post season starting in just a few short days, it’s nice that they have started completing goals. It is great that Joathan Lucroy, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Gomez are fitting in so well. Jeremy Jeffress is back and looks healthy. Now I want to see them get a win in their last game of the season. 


And Then There Were Three

by Ben Dieter on September 28, 2016

The Rangers took care of the Brew Crew Wednesday in come from behind fasion. What a surprise. The Rangers trailed several times, but that did not stop Carlos Gomez from smashing a 3 run home run in the eighth.
Texas now has a record of 94-65 with three games left. The Red Sox lost, and the Indians also lost. The Rangers are 1.5 games up on Boston with three left.

The Rangers have Tampa coming to town to finish up the regular season, and then Cole Hamels will kick off post season play. They need to win two of the three, and they will seal up home field for the entire post season, if they survive the entire post season. There is a huge difference between getting Boston in the first round or getting Toronto. 

Yu Darvish will get his last warm up Friday. The Rangers are trying to finish strong. Not just in the regular season, but in thenpost season as well. This should be a fun ride for Rangers fans over the next four weeks! 

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