Who Will Move

by Ben Dieter on July 28, 2017

Reports keep saying that Yu Darvish will be moved before the deadline. Reports are saying the Rangers are now sellers. So who else will move? I am pretty sure it won’t be Beltre.

If the Rangers have given up on the season, then they should move several pieces to start rebuilding, including Mike Napoli, Jonathan Lucroy, Carlos Gomez, and Cole Hamels. These are all players they are probably not going to re-sign next season.

The Marlins series made the Rangers look like a team with no pitching, and they may be. The pitching staff has the highest ERA in the American League since the break. Darvish didn’t help that on Wednesday night. So what would you want in return?

Pitchers is the obvious answer. Pitchers, not throwers. The Rangers have plenty of guys that chunck the ball at 95 mph plus, but they are not locating the ball well. Since everyone they may trade off is a rental, they probably won’t get much major league talent in return. But there is nothing wrong with higher level prospects.

To be honest, I am not sure if anyone is going to be moved, but the experts seem to think a Darvish move is eminent. I am not pleased at the thought of Darvish being gone, but maybe he needs a fresh start as well. The next few days will tell us for sure.

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