me in a suitBen Dieter began The Ranger Report  as an MLBlog in 2008, under the name rangerfandieter. He decided that he should write down some of what he has been saying to his friends about the Texas Rangers. After a year plus of doing that, in August of 2009, Ben began appearing on The Hague Sports podcast  as the baseball guy. That grew and Ben really enjoyed the experience, in fact he enjoyed it so much that in April of 2010 he started his own online radio show, at the time titled rangerfandieter, now called “The Ranger Report Podcast“. He also started a second blog on blogspot. Ben was really enjoying the experience of the podcast and the blog, and it began taking off during the 2010 season with the Cliff Lee deal. Ben decided it was time to move on from the blogs to an actual website where he could post articles, radio shows, and video’s about the Texas Rangers. He began working on it in late 2010, and in early January 2011 the site you are at right now was born. Ben is in no way associated with the Texas Rangers baseball organization, he is just a fan who has a passion for everything Texas Ranger, and he hopes to continue writing about them for years and years to come. Ben had a voice over featured during a piece on Michael Young on Fox Sports during the ALCS in 2011, and also had an article written about him on Yahoo Sports. He has appeared several time on ESPN East Texas 92.1 FM’s show “Sports Talk” with Bill Coates. So, if you have not yet watched any of the videos or listened to any of the podcasts posted here, you should go check them out, and you should always trust the Ranger Report to bring you the news and opinion that you love to read, watch and hear about the Texas Rangers. If you have any questions about this site or its founder, feel free to email ben@therangerreport.com 

Guest Bloggers:

Charles ParkerCharles Parker: Charles is a life long Texas Rangers fan who began blogging for the Ranger Report in 2014. He writes a weekly column sharing his passion and opinions about the Texas Rangers.


neighNathan Hague: Nathan is a professional Sports writer and the owner of The Hague Sports and host of The Hague Sports Podcast. He likes to share his opinion on the Texas Ranger from time to time with the readers of The Ranger Report.


Ross LindseyRoss Lindsey is your typical Ranger fan.  He’s been going to Ranger games a majority of his life.  He’s a season ticket holder, he has been to Spring Training in Surprise, Arizona on multiple occasions and has made Ranger road trips to Boston, New York, Kansas City, Houston, and soon to be Philly.  He wrote briefly for dfwsportsfans.com and brings his “talents” to The Ranger Report just in time for the encore to the great World Series run of 2010.  He still think Chris Davis is the first baseman of the future and he doesn’t care what anyone says, logic be damned…

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