Wild Card or No?

by Ben Dieter on September 4, 2017

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day. I hope you enjoy the day and get some rest!

Would it be better for the Rangers to sneak in and win a Wild Card spot or not? This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a couple weeks now. They keep winning just enough games to keep them in the hunt, but not enough (to me) to look like a playoff team.

The Rangers are currently a .500 ballclub, and thst seems about right for the way they have been playing. No Adrian Beltre the rest of the way, no Yu Darvish the rest of the way, Mike Napoli is a shell of his former self, and the bullpen is consistantly a huge mess.

The plus side would be post season experience for guys like Brett Nicholas, Nomar Mazara, And others who have little or no experience. As Charles Parker said here on this site a few weeks back, it seems like the Rangers lack direction. I blame several things including injuries, trades, ineffectivness of some vets, and getting rid of the best pitching coach Texas has ever seen.

The Rangers should be better than they are, and they are 4 or 5 close games going the other way away from being the number one or two wildcard team. So the question remains, should they be a Wild Card team?

I really hope that Jon Daniels doesn’t fire Jeff Bannister over this season, as I tend to believe it is not on him. Many people think it’s time for Daniels to go, but I am not there yet. He is still the only Rangers GM to put together a World Series team.

I, like many of you, will watch this thing until the end, whenever that may be. All I can hope for is that next season is much better than this one, and fo on with my day to day life. Lets Go Rangers!

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